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Blue Leather baby boots with soft soles
Desert Boots in Denim

Desert Boots in Denim

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The blue boot, for when you want a classic look for your little one. This leather will patina with wear, giving it a unique look as the shoes go on little adventures on little feet. They are soft (without structure) and bend with every move the little feet will make.  

You have your choice of laces, and if you'd like to add more to your order, find laces here.

Walker soles are recommended for outdoor use and for sizes 4+. It's a 2mm flexible sole added to the suede sole.

 See Size chart

*This leather is distinct and unique, just like your kiddos. Therefore, please keep in mind that the leather may look a little different from the product picture, i.e. it may have a little more grain or be slightly darker or lighter. That's what makes these boots so unique ♡