Size 1 Cream Suede Bella Janes

Size 1 Cream Suede Bella Janes

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Ready to ship! These sweet Bella Janes are perfect for family photoshoots and all-around cute fun. Rose gold accents provide a little shimmer against the cream suede uppers. They are soft (without structure) and bend with every move the little feet will make.  The sole is a light cream suede.

These will come with the ivory suede laces, and if you'd like to add more to your order, find laces here.

 *Dark color clothing may rub off onto these shoes

See Size chart.

*This leather is distinct and unique, just like your kiddos. Therefore, please keep in mind that the leather may look a little different from the product picture, i.e. it may have a little more grain or be slightly darker or lighter.