Me-Chári x Sun & Lace

I absolutely love this collab! When Nae of Me-Chári Dolls approached me a couple months ago and asked if I would like to make mini bags for her dolls, I jumped at the idea! Her dolls are gorgeous!

I soon got to designing a mini version of my scalloped bags, perfectly sized for her dolls. It took a decent amount of trial and error to find out which leathers worked for such tiny bags (they're 2.5!)! It turns out that my regular bag leather was quite hard to sew with on a small scale, so I found some softer leather in my stash that worked. 

Black-owned handmade dolls

We launched the mini bags on her site on September 23 and they’ve been a hit! Check them out here and take a look at her gorgeous dolls here. It was a joy working with Nae and getting to know her throughout the process! 

Shall we do this again? :)


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