Supporting Slow Fashion: 3 Ways to Be a Part of the Movement

Fast fashion and slow fashion may be terms that you have never heard of, or you may be very familiar with them.

Fast fashion aims to create and sell clothing based on current trends — as quick and as cheap as possible.

Slow fashion is a movement that strives to do the exact opposite. 

The slow fashion movement takes a stance on sustainability in the fashion industry by supporting eco-friendly materials, encouraging second-hand shopping and redesigning old clothes, supporting small shops, as well as investing in pieces that will last for years.

Slow fashion has a focus on quality while keeping the customer and the planet in mind.

Lasting + Sustainable Pieces

Clothing waste is a massive problem.

Americans, on average, throw away 80 pounds of used clothing per year.

Despite efforts to recycle textiles, 85% of clothing ends up in landfills each year.

A brand that values slow fashion invests time and money into finding the best materials for their products. Each piece is created with safety and longevity in mind — so that your clothes can last through many wears. They veer away from the harsh chemicals that are found in many textiles, such as formaldehyde, and opt for safer organic options.

Slow fashion brands believe that the longer each piece lasts, then the less clothing waste there will be.

Money Well Spent

Opting for slow fashion brands means you will find yourself sometimes splurging upfront, but saving money over time.

Slow fashion brands take pride in using the best materials for their products. These materials often come with a higher ticket price than cheaper, less eco-friendly materials.

Investing in a sweater that is a bit pricey, but guarantees quality will ensure that you can wear that cozy sweater for years to come without having to replace it any time soon.

Easy Ways to Take Part in the Slow Fashion Movement

Taking part in slow fashion doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated! 

Here are three ways that you can make a difference in the consumer industry and take part in the slow fashion movement:

1. Start a baby capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are the perfect way to cut back on clothing waste because they fill your closet purposefully without contributing to the clutter.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of pieces that range from essential to versatile. In my opinion, they are genius and perfect for all ages.

My favorite collection to create is a baby capsule wardrobe. Since babies grow so fast, a capsule wardrobe is perfect for them. They will have their essential pieces that will last through all of the spit up and blowouts — without an abundance of clothing that they will grow out of in a few months' time!

When creating a baby capsule wardrobe, it is best to keep things simple and comfortable. I love shopping small for baby pieces, as well as thrifting some vintage pieces.

My favorite things to include in a baby’s capsule wardrobe collection are:

  • 5-6 plain long sleeve/short sleeve onesies
  • 4-6 sleepers, my personal favorite is the knotted gown by Bitte Baby
  • 6-8 pairs of socks, like these adorable knee-high socks from Darling Clementine
  • 1-2 layering pieces, such as this little one piece from The Simple Folk Co.
  • 2-3 “going out outfits” that can be dressed up or down.
  • 2-3 headpieces, bows, hats, or bonnets
  • 4-6 pairs of pants, leggings, or tights My favorites are these suspender tights available at Luralu
  • 1-2 pairs of shoes — Sun & Lace’s Bella Janes or Desert Boots are perfect for tiny feet!

    2. Hit up Thrift Stores

    Thrift stores are the perfect way to keep clothing waste out of landfills. 

    Buying second-hand items can be such a fun process! Just head to your local thrift store and peruse the aisles until you find something amazing — it’s like a treasure hunt every time and it's so exciting when you find something that you love! 

    There are also various online thrift retailers that if you’re like me and you prefer to shop in your PJs, you can shop from the comfort of your home. Online retailers like Thred Up offer a variety of marked down, gently used items — perfect for building a mommy capsule wardrobe. Poshmark is an excellent app for buying used clothing for all ages, and you can make a little extra cash from selling your own used clothing — cha-ching!

    3. Shop Small

    Shopping small is a great way to support brands that value the slow fashion movement.

    Many small shop owners are mamas like me and you, who value high-quality items and want to create the best product for their customers. 

    Small shops offer a much more personal experience in the fashion industry, and each piece is created with care, often by hand.

    By purchasing from small shops, you not only get a unique, high-quality piece, but you also help to support the family and the dreams behind the brand.

    Making a Difference

    As a small shop myself, I strive to support small businesses and take part in the slow fashion movement. 

    At Sun & Lace, I make baby shoes from high quality, genuine leather and they're hand-stitched with love, by me, Briana. 

    Slow fashion is something near and dear to my heart, and I value my role in creating unique pieces for tiny feet around the world. Thank you for having my little shoes be a little part of your lives!

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