Light pink leather baby girl Mary Janes. Blush elastic strap and soft suede soles.


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These light pink leather ballet flats have a blush soft elastic band to help them stay on comfortably. The leather will patina with wear, showing natural signs of use. Suede soles allow them to bend with every move your babe makes.

General Sizing

  • 1 fits 3-6m
  • 2 fits 6-9m
  • 3 fits 9-12m

    See size chart

    Not available in size 0.


    *Please keep in mind that this is a light color leather and may show dirt more easily than other colors :) Note that the leather may look a little different from the product picture, i.e. it may have a little more grain or be slightly darker or lighter. That's what makes these Mary Janes so unique